How To Keep Sugar Fresh

How to Store Sugar? How to Keep Sugar Fresh? Does sugar go bad? How to unclump it or soften it? If you don’t, you are in the right place because you’ll learn all about it here.

Sugar is perhaps the ultimate kitchen pantry staple; it is utilized in many recipes and is definitely taken for granted sometimes. This is because we know we can always count on it, and that is always around if you didn’t forget to buy it.

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Sugar in large quantities is definitely not healthy. However, sugar is definitely needed. You probably use it for your favorite baking goods like that delicious cookie recipe or for something as simple as a glass of sugar water to energize you instantly.
And whether you prefer it, brown, white or low calorie, we can’t deny we always need some sweetener in our life. That said, have you ever encountered yourself with sugar turned to rock? What does it mean, or what do you do with it, and most importantly, can you still use it?
Don’t get discouraged because this is perfectly normal sugar behavior. Find out how to keep your sugar fresh and much more below.

How to Keep Sugar Fresh?

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There are different methods or techniques you can easily implement at home to keep your sugar fresh and ready to use 24/7
What you need to keep in mind when storing sugar is to keep air exposure. Remember, when stored properly, you won’t just be avoiding your sugar from hardening and clumping, but also you’ll be ensuring a decluttered and organized kitchen.

How To Store Sugar, So It Stays Fresh For Longer?

Check out some unfailing methods of storing your sugar to keep it fresh

  • Airtight containers or canisters are ideal for storing your sugar
  • Freezer bags are also a great option to keep your sugar in an optimum state. Just make sure to press out all the air before sealing it.
  • Using freezer bags to store sugar is a good way to keep its natural texture.
  • Add a piece of bread inside your sugar container to keep moisture from turning into rock. Just make sure to keep an eye on your bread and change it timely. This method is great for both white and brown sugar.
  • If you want to keep brown sugar fresh and don’t have bread around, toss in a couple of large marshmallows inside a freezer bag with your sugar.
  • There are also popular sugar savers that are tossed in with your sugar to keep it fresh. These are first soaked in water and are specially designed for this purpose.
  • Saltines at the bottom of your container will draw in moisture, preventing sugar from forming lumps.
  • By placing a tea bag or cheesecloth with rice in the sugar, the container will also suck in any moisture, keeping sugar fresh.
  • Keep your sugar far from your stove unless you are cooking with it. The heat will make it hard.
  • Always keep sugar in a dry and cool place; that means the fridge is out of the question since low temperatures will have the same effect as the heat. A pantry is often the best spot to keep your sugar.

Does Clumping Mean Sugar Is Going Bad?

Do not freak out just because your sugar has gone hard on you; no, it doesn’t mean it has gone bad.
Actually, sugar doesn’t have a set period for its duration; however, its general shelf life is about two years. So how come it forms hardened lumps? It all depends on the type of sugar you have at home and how you store it.

Brown Sugar: this type of sugar contains molasses, which sets it apart from white sugar. Recently bought brown sugar originally feels very moderately dewy; when this moisture dissipates, it becomes hard.

Powdered Sugar: also known as confectioners sugar, it comes from white sugar that has been pulverized. Cornstarch, which acts as an anti-caking agent, is added; however, powdered sugar will suck moisture in and develop ugly-looking lumps if not stored properly. Powdered sugar should be kept in an airtight container.

White Sugar: white or granulated sugar, which is where brown and powdered sugar come from; are minuscule crystals that are subjected to too much air, moisture will be absorbed, and lumps formed.

How Can I Salvage My Sugar?

If you hate it when your sugar turns to stone, even to the point of not wanting to make those delicious desserts you like so much, then we have good news! You can always make your sugar go back to its normal state. Learn tips and tricks to salvage your sugar.
Learn how to Unclump or soften your sugar and avoid major headaches.

How To Unclump Soften Brown Sugar?

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Brown Sugar: The long way to do it is to transfer the sugar into a container and add with it either a few apple slices or a slice of bread. The trick here is that the moisture will be absorbed, resulting in the sugar returning to its normal state. The bad news is that this process takes a couple of days to work.

If you can’t wait that long, then put sugar in a glass bowl and cover it with moist paper and cook for intervals of ten seconds. Stop to break up the clumps, and voila!

How To Unclump Powdered Sugar?

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An infallible tip to unclump powdered sugar is to place it in a flour sifter and turn the crank. That said, the result isn’t perfect because powdered sugar will never return to its original consistency again.

You can also opt for making your own powdered sugar instead of attempting to dissolve the lumps. You must dump granulated sugar into a food processor, hit the switch, and stop until it becomes powder.

How To Unclump White/Granulated Sugar?

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There are several ways you can restore granulated sugar to its original estate; some may include a bit of violence, but hey! It’s all for a good cause.

  • Resuscitate your sugar by setting a moist paper towel in it, leave it overnight, and by the next morning, you should be able to break off the lumps easily.
  • Placing a few apple slices inside your sugar container will also help soften the clumps.
  • Place your sugar in an oven-safe container and put it inside the oven for 15 minutes; the texture should crumble easily. By then, you can turn off the oven and put it back for one hour. Just keep the oven lower than 200 degrees.
  • Put some sugar inside a Ziploc bag and, using a meat tenderizer try to dissolve the lumps.
  • A coffee grinder can also do the trick.
  • Moist the sugar with some water and microwave for five minutes, dissolve the lump using a fork.

Common Questions Regarding How To Keep Sugar Fresh

It is possible and easier than you think to keep your sugar ready for action, instead of wasting time by dissolving what sometimes may feel like bricks have formed inside your sugar container.
If you’ve always been fighting with sugar turning to rock, then let us tell you that you don’t have to. The bad news is, your storing methods are most likely the problem.
Keeping your sugar fresh means proper storage, and proper storage for the safekeeping of sugar is best provided by airtight containers.

Can You Freeze Sugar?

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Low temperatures such as the fridge or freezer aren’t the ideal to store your sugar. This actually will backfire as this type of environment can stimulate clumping.
That said, if you don’t mind the clumping and eventual thawing, you can freeze sugar in a freezer bag. To utilize it, thaw it for a few hours and stir.

What To Do With Sugar Before It Goes Bad?

As previously mentioned, sugar does not really go bad. Sugar doesn’t have a definite shelf life as it can last for years. If your sugar gets hard and forms lumps, that also isn’t a sign of rotting as you can perfectly use it still by implementing some of the previous tips.
Experts do recommend that brown sugar should be consumed within six months for best flavor purposes.

Our Favorite and Easiest Sugar Recipes

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Photo of author
Belle is a passionate advocate of healthy, delicious food – a self-taught chef, and nutrition enthusiast. As a busy mom herself, Belle understands how challenging it can be to keep food fresh and delicious day in and day out. That's why she created, a space that helps everyday people like you and me make the most out of their food.